Cats are better than dogs essay

Large dogs, especially, have considerably shorter expected lifespans than smaller animals. But some indoor cats have stuck around for as long as two decades. On average, cats are cheaper pets than dogs. Keeping a pet and taking good care of the animal can get very expensive.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

So budget-conscious animal lovers will probably be happy to learn a cat typically costs less to own than a dog. With either a cat or dog, you can expect expenditures, such as a spay or neuter surgery, a carrier, and a crate for a dog or a litter box for a cat. But on average, those costs are lower for a cat than for a dog. If you keep a clean litter box, your house will stay odor-free. But interestingly enough, dog owners can identify their dogs by smell — which seems to suggest dog odors really are much stronger than cat odors.

Cats are happy playing in your house. But many people with curious, lazy, or slow-poke dogs have found the exact opposite to be true.

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  • 20 Ways Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

Many are happy to stay indoors. They exercise on their own. Cats typically give guests some space. Planning to have friends over for dinner or to invite houseguests for the weekend? In fact, many cats just hide when new people arrive. Once a cat has determined the newcomers are safe, he might come out to say hello.

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Many dogs bark incessantly. And very, very few dogs will never bark at all. Cats do vocalize, of course, especially to get their humans to feed them, scratch their heads, or give them the catnip toy they want. Cats are basically silent in feral colonies but make plenty of noises when they live with humans. Cats know how to work the camera. Sure, everyone knows cats do some pretty adorable things for the countless photos and videos people share on the internet.

Personal Opinion Essay: Dogs vs. Cats - Words | Cram

But most pet owners probably assume dogs do better on camera, thanks to the wide array of dog-centric movies. But that might not actually be the case. Many dogs need lots of attention from their humans. Cats, on the other hand, are a lot more independent. Most want occasional cuddles. And they do need you to set out their food and clean the litter box.

Cats can handle their own problems.

1. Cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

We all love having an affectionate animal. But dog owners with pups who cling and cower during a thunderstorm will probably tell you they wish their dogs could become a little more adept at feeling safe and secure. Cat brains are complex. Dog lovers argue their pets are smarter than cats.

Personal Opinion Essay: Dogs vs. Cats

Cat cognition is much harder to study than dog intelligence. However, early results are promising. Japanese researchers determined cats performed just as well as dogs on memory tests — and might be just as intelligent. I am a bot made for your convenience Especially for mobile users. Contact Code.

Paul Cook as a preface to one of his book, Lovecraft went to his house someday, they talked for a long time then Lovecraft took a book and read a bit, the host went to bed, telling him that he could leave once he's done with the book or something, in the morning he found Lovecraft asleep in the chair of the study, H.

P woke up and explained that the house's cat felt asleep on his legs and he didn't dared to wake him up. I used this in an English paper about cats in Lovecraft's writing. The class was Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy, fun class. If you don't mind me asking, where did you take such a class? Yeah well he also thought white people were better than black people so he's been wrong before.

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Did anyone else know about Lovecraft's essay on why cats are better than dogs? Posted by Deranged Cultist. Well that just got uncomfortable. Continue this thread. Haha, the first writing of Lovecraft that has engendered some offense in me: The dog would appear to me to be the favourite of superficial, sentimental, emotional, and democratic people—people who feel rather than think, who attach importance to mankind and the popular conventional emotions of the simple, and who find their greatest consolation in the fawning and dependent attachments of a gregarious society. And I'm not even white.

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I love that essay, reminds me of why I'm a cat person. Relevant flair :P. More posts from the Lovecraft community.

15. Cats are better hunters than dogs

Jul 8, Cake Day. Dedicated to the works of H. Lovecraft, this is your stop for all of his outstanding works and weird fiction in general!