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The analytical group approach to the study of social sciences is similar to what we do in natural sciences. The study focuses on Yes or No research questions, objective knowledge, and the operational definition of the variables that you are measuring. In empirical-analytics group, you employ deductive reasoning which uses the existing theories as a foundation for the formulation of the hypothesis you will be testing. The approach pays close attention to the provision of an explanation.

This research approach focuses on understanding a phenomena in a holistic and comprehensive manner. It analytically discloses the practices that make meaning of human subjects. This group of research methods shows by what means, how, and why do human beings do what they do.

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It also shows the arrangement of practices so that you can use it in generating observable outcomes. The interpretive research methods will help you help you identify the connection that you have to the phenomena that is under investigation. Note that the interpretive group calls for careful examination of your variables as it pays more attention to the subject knowledge. Understanding what is methodology is the best starting point for choosing interpretive group.

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Content You need to re-state the research problem and the underlying assumptions that underpin your study in the introduction section of your methodology. Follow this by siting the methods that you will use in gathering, analyzing, and processing the information.

Make sure you justify how the method you choose will address your research problem while giving reference to prior studies. The methodology section should also include the decision that you make when choosing the data that you will analyze. You have to examine the research setting and subjects when dealing with qualitative research.

Also include the tools and methods that you use in collecting the information and how you identify the relevant variables. The other information to include in your methodology is the procedure you use in analyzing data and the ways you process your data. Lastly, state the specific research strategies and tools that you use in studying the underlying research questions and hypothesis. An excellent research methodology will also include:.

After writing all the above elements, make sure you present them in a clear and logical manner. You may require approval from the institutional approval board if your research entails qualitative techniques of interviews and observation. By now, you understand what is a methodology in research. The section should be thorough but to the point.

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The background that you provide should help the reader to understand why you chose the method. You cannot achieve this objective unless you have a clear understand what is methodology in research. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. How to Write a Methodology There are two questions that the methodology section in any research should answer. Why You Need a Good Methodology in Thesis There are several reasons why you need to explain how you obtained and analyzed your research results.

Research Methods Groups In social science, we have two main groups of research methods. We are your one-stop shop for dissertation services. Facebook Facebook. Get PhD-Level Help info dissertation-editor. What is Methodology? What Is the Methodology Section of a Dissertation? What Is the Purpose of the Methodology Section?

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